Squonk Bottom Feeder Accessories

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All kinds of squonk & bottom feeding accessories, replacement bottom feeding pins, bottom feeding bottles and replacement parts of squonk mods & RDAs

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  1. Simple Product

    Replacement Bottom Feeder Squonk Bottle for Limelight Style BF Box Mod - White, Silicone, 8ml

    Special Price: $2.99

    The replacement bottom feeder bottle is made from silicone and has 8ml of juice capacity. It is only suitable for Limelight style squonk box mod on 3FVAPE. This product is not suitable for the authentic Limelight Freehand squonk box mod. Suitable for: 3FVAPE Recommend Products: Learn More

  2. Simple Product

    Replacement Bottom Feeder Center Pin for Goon RDA - Golden, Brass

    Special Price: $1.09

    Please Note: This bottom feeder pin is compatible with Goon Style RDA in 3FVape, we are not sure if it is compatible with other Goon RDA in other site. Because most of Goon LP Style RDA are not 1:1, this one is not compatible with Goon LP style RDA now. This 3FVape customized Bottom Feeder Center / Squonker Pin is made from brass with gold plated. It is... Learn More

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