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Find suitable protective case for your mechanical mod, box mod and so on. Find perfect bags for your e-cigarettes and e-cig accessories. The Vapethink Magic Shark series bag is very comfortble and conveneint for you to carry your vapor devices.

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    Authentic Wotofo 18650 Battery Case Protective Storage Box - 4 Slots

    Special Price: $3.99

    Please log in to see the lower price. This is a carrying box for your 18650 batteries. This battery case can hold up to four 18650 batteries. It has a firm closure at the outside and battery separators at the inside to keep the batteries in place so they don't drop out accidentally. Keeping batteries in battery case can prevent unwanted discharging caused... Learn More

  2. Simple Product

    Authentic Vivismoke Leather Vape Pocket Case for Juul / Myle / e8 / Drop Pod System Kit - Brown

    Special Price: $4.99

    The Vivismoke Vape Pocket Case is made from leather and is suitable for slim pod system kits, like Juul, Myle, e8, Drop Kit. It features creative stretch-pulling design, which is easy to use. The case can organize and store up to 1 pod device and 2 extra pods. There is an extra slot for cash, card, pod or charger. The magnetic closure keeps pod device... Learn More

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    Authentic Union Portable Carrying Storage Vape Bag for Pod System Kit - Black

    Special Price: $5.99

    The Authentic Union Vape Bag is small sized carrying bag for pod system kits. Made of leather, it feels smooth and is very easy to carry. 3FVAPE Recommend Products: Learn More

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    Authentic Coil Father X9 Carrying Storage Bag for E-cigarette - Black, 150 x 105 x 45mm

    Special Price: $5.99

    The authentic Coil Father Vape Pocket X9 Carrying Storage Bag is a multifunctional bag for you to carry vaping devices or DIY tools on the go. This durable, practical, portable bag is a good choice for all vapors. 3FVAPE Recommend Products: Learn More

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    Authentic Vapethink MIB Men-in-Black 1 Carrying Storage Bag for E-cigarette - Black, Polyester, 150 x 185 x 80mm

    Special Price: $21.99

    The authentic Vapethink introduces the Men-in-Black series bag for e-cigarette storage. The Vapethink MIB 1 bag features weather resistant, super organized, anti-theft, green material and drop proof design. The bag adopts water repellent material, which is the remarkably durable fabric resistant to water and strong against the stain.Vapethink Blade E-cig... Learn More

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    Protective Case Sleeve with Key Ring for 18650 Battery - Black, Silicone

    Special Price: $1.09

    The protective sleeve is made from soft silicone to protect your 18650 battery. It comes with key ring for convenient to carry. Learn More

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