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Find suitable protective case for your mechanical mod, box mod and so on. Find perfect bags for your e-cigarettes and e-cig accessories. The Vapethink Magic Shark series bag is very comfortble and conveneint for you to carry your vapor devices.

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    Authentic Coil Master Handle Adjustable Shoulder Strap Storage Vape Bag for Batteries / Mods / Atomizers / E-Cigarette - Black

    Special Price: $29.99

    The Coi Master Storage Vape Bag is designed for vape gear carrying, which fits for all your vape stuffs including batteries, mods, atomizers, parts, tools and E-Liquid and so on. All items will be stored and protected discreetly. It comes with a handle and an adjustable shoulder strap. It's great for travelling.3FVAPE Recommend Products: Learn More

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    Benctech Style Protective Storage Case Vape Bag E-cig Pouch for E-Cigarette - Black

    Special Price: $5.99

    The vapor case comes with great space yet small and easy carrying. You can put one set of your E-cig products in it. A good setup will be: E-cig devices, some DIY tool / accessories, batteries, and pod cartridges.3FVAPE Recommend Products: Learn More

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    Protective Case Sleeve with Key Ring for 18650 Battery - Black, Silicone

    Special Price: $1.09

    The protective sleeve is made from soft silicone to protect your 18650 battery. It comes with key ring for convenient to carry. 3FVAPE Recommend Products: Learn More

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