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we are not able to send more new products to Germany Warehouse because the outbreak of the coronavirus in China (previous stage) and Germany (now).

We will send new products to Germany Warehouse as the coronavirus terminates.

Please Note:These products are in Europe warehouse (Germany) for Germany and only available for EU system countries.These products will be fulfilled by DHL and will be shipped in 1~2 business days after payment accepted. For Germany, normally the parcel will be delivered in 1~2 business days after shipment. For the rest Europe countries, normally the parcel will be delivered in 3~5 business days after shipment.

The tracking information will be updated in 1~2 business days after shipmentThe products in Europe warehouse will be delivered quickly and with low shipping cost.

For these countries: Belgium, Monaco, Poland, Sweden, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal, Great Britain, Spain, Romania, Austria, Czech. Rep., Luxembourg, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, the shipping cost is for each order, not quantity. Many items in one order will be with the same shipping cost.

Please place order with those products in separated order, and DO NOT mix with other products from China warehouse.

No products for this Category.